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What information will be available to the public?

In the event of a terrorist incident, the NSW Government will provide as much factual and timely information as possible. We will use a range of media, including TV, radio, websites, print and social media.

The NSW Premier and NSW Commissioner of Police are the official NSW Government spokespersons and the Prime Minister will speak on behalf of the Australian Government. Briefings will be provided at different times throughout the event which will be broadcast on various television and radio networks.

Where can you find official information?

Should there be an incident, you can return to this site which will contain essential information and will include live feeds from the NSW Police Force's Twitter account and facebook page. These are some of the official channels that the NSW Police Force will use to get information out to the public.

Throughout the incident, the type of information that will be made available will include, but not limited to:

  • updates about the incident
  • how emergency service agencies are responding
  • exclusion zones
  • changes to transport or other services
  • where to seek medical help and other victims services
  • any other special arrangements.

The community will also be asked to report in any information that they may have seen to do with the attack.

NSW Police Force's social media

The main source of information will come from the NSW Police Force through their Twitter and facebook page.

A 'live feed' of this page will be displayed on this website.

Note that any of the NSW Police Force's 'tweets' will also be posted onto the NSW Police Force's facebook page.

NSW Police Force Facebook - www.facebook.com/nswpoliceforce/

NSW Police Force Twitter - twitter.com/nswpolice


The NSW Government has developed this website to provide information on counter terrorism issues.

In an incident, this site will provide information about the incident including a live feed from the NSW Police Force's facebook page and Twitter accounts about the incident and alternate sources of information, such as telephone numbers, exclusion zones, changes to transport arrangements and other information.

This site will also advise members of the public involved in the incident how they can provide any relevant information about the incident to the police. Images, videos and information will be able to be uploaded online.

secureNSW website - www.secure.nsw.gov.au


sydneyALERT is a free, opt-in community warning service provided to Sydney and North Sydney central business district building managers, security teams and fire wardens. sydneyALERT sends out email and text messages from the NSW Police Force in the event of a significant incident within the Sydney and/or North Sydney central business districts. Information provided could include directions on evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions, or information on transport closure.

Register online at the sydneyALERT website