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Our approach to counter terrorism is intelligence led. The NSW Police Force Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command maintains a broad structure of intelligence support which spans across multiple organisational units.

Terrorism Intelligence Unit

The Terrorism Intelligence Unit provides strategic and tactical intelligence that is disseminated to commands of the NSW Police Force and works collaboratively with law enforcement and intelligence agencies nationally and internationally to:

  • monitor the security and counter terrorism environment of NSW and Australia as well as international incidents
  • collate information on Proscribed Terrorist Organisations and their structures, development of strategy and capability, propaganda marketing, effectiveness of communication, marketing and radicalisation, use of technologies
  • collect information on individuals connected to and/or in support of Proscribed Terrorist Organisations
  • work in a collaborative environment with sectors that may be at risk.

The Terrorism Intelligence Unit also performs a pivotal role in Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command's threat assessment and risk management procedures pertaining to politically motivated violence or acts of terrorism in NSW. This process, when required, will involve senior representatives of emergency services and/or government departments and other stakeholders. The Terrorism Intelligence Unit assessments team manages National Security Hotline and Crime Stoppers reporting on politically motivated violence and/or terrorism related activity.

The Terrorism Intelligence Unit responds to terrorism through investigative and intelligence operations and provides state security through dignitary and witness protection. In collaboration with the Terrorism Investigations Unit they also investigate all threats or acts of terrorism that impact on NSW.

The Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command also have an embedded intelligence presence within other specialist units including the:

  • Tactical Operations Unit
  • Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit
  • Negotiations Unit
  • Dog Squad.