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The NSW Government is committed to enhancing the public availability, dissemination and exchange of information.

The secureNSW website has been established by the NSW Ministry for Police and Emergency Services and NSW Police Force to enable you to quickly and easily access information in relation to counter terrorism that is of relevance to NSW.

Although care has been taken in the preparation of this website, the material is made available on the website on the understanding that the:

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The secureNSW website and any links from it to other websites are intended as an information source only, with the NSW Government's desire to promote multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity in our society in mind. Despite efforts of the NSW Government to review and assess the suitability of this website and any linked sites, some material which appears on these sites may cause offence or upset to some visitors. The NSW Government regrets, but can not take responsibility for, any such offence or upset caused.

If you are offended or upset by any material that appears on an internet website, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority, who will then investigate the complaint and take such action as it thinks fit.

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This website contains links to other websites (linked sites). These links have been included on the secureNSW website for your convenience with the intention of increasing the information available to you. These linked sites may not be maintained and may not be current.

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Whilst the NSW Government intends that the secureNSW website be quickly and easily accessible, it cannot guarantee that the site will be continuously available. There will be occasions where the site is unavailable due to site maintenance or other reasons. This is regretted but is unavoidable.

* NSW Government in the context of this Copyright & Disclaimer notice refers to the State of NSW, and includes its Ministers, the NSW Police Force, its Commissioner and its members, employees, agents and contractors, and the NSW Ministry for Police and Emergency Services and its employees, agents and contractors.

Emergency Contacts

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